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Benefits of Utilizing EPS Geofoam AKA
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1. Zero net loading

2. Ease and speed of construction

  • EPS blocks can be easily placed by contractors with little or no experience.
  • Lower placement rates
  • EPS blocks are easily handled by two workers by hand


3. Construction without utility relocation

  • No utility replacement that should be considered in the design and selection process.


4. Placement in adverse weather conditions

  • The higher material cost of EPS block Geofoam are offset by lower installation costs.


5. Alleviates the costs of…

  • Soft soil removal
  • Excavation widening
  • Temporary de-watering
  • Possible need for an excavation support system


6. Saves Time!!!

  • Solution for soil where estimated time rate of settlement of soil exceeds acceptable standards
  • Solution for situations where costly corrective fill measures still resulted in significant settlement or stability over time


7. Reduction of lateral stress on bridge approach abutments

  • Solution for underlying soft soil that is too soft & compressible to carry designed load


8. Allows access to crucial pathways for construction equipment


9. Reduction of Horizontal and Vertical Forces on Structures/Walls

  • Solution for high lateral loads behind retaining structures


10. Vertical Embankments


Use of a fill geometry with vertical sides as opposed to the more traditional sloped-side geometry will provide the following advantages:

  • The volume of fill material, especially of the EPS blocks, is minimized, which reduces both material cost and construction time.
  • The footprint of the embankment and concomitant right-of-way acquisition is minimized, which can have cost, environmental potential, and other benefits.
  • Alleviation of the need to acquire additional right-of-way to construct flatter embankment slopes because of the low density of EPS blocks and/or the use of a vertical embankment


11. Likely elimination of the need for surcharging and staged construction


12. Decreased maintenance costs

  • A result of less settlement from the low density of EPS Geofoam
  • Excellent durability with a life expectancy of more than 100 years
  • Consistent material properties


13. No need for environmental permits 

  • Contains no CFC, HCFC, or HFC
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Can be recycled
  • Inert, non-nutritive, highly stable
  • Will not decompose
  • Will not decay
  • Will not produce gases


14. Slope stabilization

15. Vibration dampening

16. Landscape Fill

17. Weight reduction for underground structures/parks

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