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What are the benefits of using EPS Products for Flotation?
Benefits of Using EPS for Floatation Expanded Polystyrene Foam Flotation

1. Unlimited configurations - EPS is customizable and can be made into any shape or size imaginable
2. Virtually unsinkable when the structure is designed properly 
3. EPS is Bug & Rodent Proof and eliminates infestations and voids beneath the structure
4. Easy and quick assembly
5. Light, sturdy and safe - EPS provide superior stability
6. Maintenance free (100% plastic) 
7. Constant freeboard irrespective of water level fluctuation
8. Combination of solidity and floatability
9. Possibility to tailor marina to fit the water area and customer needs
10. Reasonable price plus safety and convenience
11. Possibility of changing configuration of marina and number of mooring berths
12. EPS is fire resistant and is made from non-combustible materials
13. Lightweight
14. Long-lasting - EPS has minimum life span of 100 years and will outlast the structure
15. Environment-friendly – EPS is an inert material made with no toxic chemicals
16. Resists pollution
17. Resists UV rays
18. Suitable for Fresh and Saltwater 
19. Supports 48-55 pounds per cubic foot
Flotation / Floatation:

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