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EPS Foam Packaging Process

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a relatively modern material (developed in the 50´s) but is one of our companions in our everyday life and easily identified among the various plastics materials. The conversion process into the foam structure is quite simple and it is called steam molding. This process goes through three stages:


1. Pre-expansion:

In this stage tiny spherical EPS beads are expanded to 40 times their original size using steam as heating agent.


2. Stabilization:

The pre-expanded beads are stabilized in ventilated silos where just air is diffused into the beads.


3. Molding:

The beads from the silos are conducted to a molding machine where the beads bond together, by means of steam and pressure and the final shape is



This process results on molds with extraordinary qualities for the fulfillment of all packaging needs: Protective: the outstanding shock absorbency and compression resistance provides excellent protection properties.


Insulation capacity:

The thermal insulating properties of EPS keep food fresh and prevent condensation - guaranteeing that fish, fruit and vegetables can all be safely distributed to retain their freshness and their shape.



EPS remains unaffected by damp, moisture or heat and its soft surface protects against any damage. Ligt-weight: EPS is 98% air and it is one of the lightest packaging materials in existence.



Packaging is customized to fit the smallest component or the largest fridge-freezer. The latest computer design techniques ensure that packaging is kept to a minimum yet is 100% fit-for-purpose. These outstanding qualities make EPS a magic material not only used for packaging of the most variety of products but also for other applications from a bicycle helmet to a surfing board.


And once the EPS packaging has been used then it can be recycled for various applications.

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